Bullet Proof Diesel: 6.0L Ford Power Stroke

What IS a bullet proof diesel, anyway?….

bulletproof diesel

If you’re one of the poor souls who have been cursed by the Ford 6.0L Power Stroke diesel, you know the unfortunate truth of their engines and common failures. These engines have earned their poor reputation fair and square due to some pattern failures including EGR cooler rupture, engine oil temperature overheating, blown head gasket, turbo failure, fuel injector failure, and high-pressure oil pump failure; all of which leave you wondering why you purchased the truck in the first place. (You can learn more about how your vehicle works here.)

Fortunately, there’s a solution to your Ford Power Stroke woes that doesn’t involve buying a new truck. It’s called, bullet proofing, and can be done by a specialized diesel mechanic. The procedure prevents many of the 6.0L common failures, helps the diesel engine last much longer, and basically turns your truck into a tank. It saves you a lot of money, time and headache in the long run and our experts at Community Auto can help. With our primary diesel expertise being Ford 6.0L Power Stroke engines, we’re sure to save Ford Dealerships a lot of complaints.

A Lesson in Bullet Proofing

In order to properly bullet proof a 6.0L, at least four of the five main pattern failures needs to be addressed. The failures seen in these engines basically have a common thread: the OEM engine oil cooler. At around 50,000 miles, the passages in the coolers become clogged and no longer allow coolant to run through, leading to an overheated engine. The trick is to replace the cooler with an aftermarket, BulletProof oil cooler, specially designed to circumvent the flaw in the original manufactured part.

bullet proofing

Since there are other parts related to the cooling system that have also been shown to be common failures, bullet proofing entails replacing a series of parts, which come in a BulletProof kit. Another of which is the fuel injection control module (FICM) power supply. Over time the original module becomes tired and no longer controls the injectors correctly (again, just a poor design by Ford). We upgrade this power supply with the aftermarket BulletProof Diesel part to ensure long-term reliability. Another tactic is to replace the head bolts. 6.0L engines use ten head bolts per cylinder head to attach the head to the engine. We replace these bolts with specially designed aftermarket bolts (which are longer and stronger), and allow for a higher clamping force, reducing the chance of a head gasket failure. Lastly, the factory water pump is replaced with a Bulletproof version, which is better designed and prevents the common cracking that occurs within the Ford water pump impeller.

It’s Well Worth the Cost, but Leave it to the Experts

While bullet proofing comes at a cost, it’s commonly recognized in the Diesel community as being well worth the price. Bullet proofing requires training, expertise, and a lift (the truck’s body must be removed from the chassis!) and as such, is not recommended do it yourself.

All pictures are of Phil, our 6.0L Ford Power Stroke Diesel Expert, in the act of bullet proofing! Interested in bullet proofing your diesel? Give us a call and we’ll get your truck right in.