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In Colorado we experience true seasons, and so do our cars. Auto repair services tailored for the weather are more effective. Like buying a coat for winter, seasonal maintenance helps prepare your vehicle for the ever-changing elements, thereby extending its life. “It takes very little time and money to make sure your car runs properly throughout the year and although breakdowns happen, they can definitely be minimized by taking a few extra preventive steps,” Rich White, director of Car Care Council. OurSeasonal Car Care Specials are designed to handle all of your car maintenance and auto repair needs for each season of the year and are a worry-free way to keep you on the road longer.

This season brings us back to earth, back to school, and allow us to reflect on what’s most important to us. It is also a great time to begin preparing your vehicle for winter. Key areas to focus on for fall maintenance and auto repair include:

    • Visibility – Fog and cloudy skies reduce visibility. Headlights should be checked for brightness intensity and should be aimed and cleaned when necessary to ensure maximum visibility.
    • Tires - Check tire pressure and tread depth. Proper tread allows for better traction on wet surfaces. Do not put off replacing thin tires. Great time to replace tires in preparation for winter (where they are critically important).
    • Brakes – Fall is a great time to repair faulty brakes before winter, where they are critically important. Make sure brakes are in good condition to ensure safe stopping.
    • Vital Fluids Vital fluids are the blood and phlem of a vehicle. Servicing dirty fluids will help ensure proper lubrication and functioning of vehicle systems. As well as keeping the engine from overheating, coolant ensures the engine doesn’t freeze!
    • Door Locks, Hinges & Door Seals Cold weather can shrink door lock components, hinges and door seals, making them noisy and sometimes inoperable. It’s a good idea to lube these items before it gets too cold out to improve functionality and longevity.
    • Engine Performance – Begin preparing your vehicle for winter with a tune-up in the fall. A tune-up will help ensure vehicle efficiency and dependability by boosting engine performance and preventing faulty cold starts.
      throughout the year.
    • Check Engine and Other Dash Lights Have them diagnosed and repairs performed before winter. Cold weather places added stress on vehicle components and systems and can exacerbate pre-existing conditions and problems.
  • Let us take care of it! Our Fall Car Care Special is a worry-free way to keep you on the road longer:

    • Lube Door Locks, Hinges Door Seals – Improves functionality and longevity
    • Electrical System Test battery and lighting safety inspection
    • Cooling System – Test coolant protection level and inspect for leaks
    • Computer System Check Access vehicle on-board computers and check warning systems
    • Engine Performance – Inspect for tune-up, fuel induction system analysis filter check
    • Brake System – Inspect brake lining condition, evaluate braking operation, inspect for leaks and test brake fluid condition
    • Steering System – Inspect for looseness, evaluate power steering system, inspect shocks and struts and full chassis lube
    • Tire Rotation and Alignment Check–Evaluation of alignment problems and refill tire pressure
    • Comprehensive 50-point Inspection
    • Oil and Filter Change
    • All Fluids Refilled
    • Expert Recommendations– on services specific to the condition of your vehicle as well as manufacturer mileage interval recommendations. Including cabin air filter replacement, headlight restoration, and options for new tires that suit your specific needs.
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