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In Colorado we experience true seasons, and so do our cars. Auto repair services tailored for the weather are more effective. Like buying a coat for winter, seasonal maintenance helps prepare your vehicle for the ever-changing elements, thereby extending its life. “It takes very little time and money to make sure your car runs properly throughout the year and although breakdowns happen, they can definitely be minimized by taking a few extra preventive steps,” Rich White, director of Car Care Council. Our Seasonal Car Care Specials are designed to handle all of your car maintenance and auto repair needs for each season of the year and are a worry-free way to keep you on the road longer.

The heat is on and you are ready for a vacation. While you’re getting some much needed R&R, your vehicle is doing just the opposite and actually working harder in the hot summer months. Making sure your vehicle is properly maintained for summer will help prevent breakdowns and ensure your ultimate summer vacation is a success. Click on the drop-down bars for more info.

    • Timing Belt Summer trips become quite a drag when you have a breakdown-which happens if your timing belt breaks! Replace your timing belt per the manufacturer’s recommended mileage interval to prevent a breakdown and potential engine damage. Doing so before your summer trip will help ensure vehicle dependability and safety.
    • Tires Tires need special care in warmer weather as high temperatures put added stress on them. To maximize tire life and safety, check tire condition and inflation monthly. Hot weather increases pressure in tires, necessitating adjustments.
    • Windshield Repair cracked or chipped windshields. Pre-existing chips spread in hot temperatures.
    • Battery Excessive heat shortens battery life, causes power drain, and evaporates battery fluid. As corrosion accumulates on battery terminals, it becomes an insulator and inhibits current flow. Ensure your vehicle’s battery function and condition especially before a summer trip.
    • Cooling System and A/C Operation The cooling system works harder during warmer temperatures to prevent overheating of the engine. Fresh and clean coolant helps prevent corrosion in the cooling system and assures the coolant has the proper boiling point. A properly functioning cooling system also ensures that your A/C blows cold.
    • Transmission Heat is hard on transmissions and is the ultimate cause of transmission failure. Make sure transmission fluid is in good condition and the and level is full. Service dirty fluid to maximize the life of the transmission.
    • Belts & Hoses These are essential components to cooling, A/C, charging systems, and the engine. Replacing worn out ones will help prevent becoming stranded. A blown hose can cause the engine to overheat.
    • Engine Oil - Oil is the blood of a vehicle’s engine and should be inspected and serviced multiple times throughout the year.
  • Let us take care of it! Our Summer Car Care Special is a worry-free way to keep you on the road longer:

    • A/C System – Check outlet temp, mode operation, and inspection of hoses and compressor
    • Cooling System Test coolant condition and inspect for leaks
    • Electrical System– Test battery, alternator, starter and lighting safety inspection
    • Transmission & Differentials – Inspect fluid conditions for leaks, test operation, check on-board computers
    • Brake System Inspect brake lining condition, evaluate braking operation, inspect for leaks and test brake fluid condition
    • Steering System– Inspect for looseness, evaluate power steering system, inspect shocks and struts and full chassis lube
    • Tire Rotation and Alignment Check– Evaluation of alignment problems and refill tire pressure
    • Comprehensive 50-point Inspection
    • Oil and Filter Change
    • All Fluids Refilled
    • Expert Recommendations– on services specific to the condition of your vehicle as well as manufacturer mileage interval recommendations. Including cabin air filter replacement, headlight restoration, and options for new tires that suit your specific needs.
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