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In Colorado we experience true seasons, and so do our cars. Auto repair services tailored for the weather are more effective. Like buying a coat for winter, seasonal maintenance helps prepare your vehicle for the ever-changing elements, thereby extending its life. “It takes very little time and money to make sure your car runs properly throughout the year and although breakdowns happen, they can definitely be minimized by taking a few extra preventive steps,” Rich White, director of Car Care Council. Our Seasonal Car Care Specials are designed to handle all of your car maintenance and auto repair needs for each season of the year and are a worry-free way to keep you on the road longer.


    • Coolant, Vital Fluids and Leaks Vital fluids are the blood and phlem of a vehicle. Servicing dirty fluids will help ensure proper lubrication and functioning of vehicle systems. As well as keeping the engine from overheating, coolant ensures the engine doesn’t freeze!Fluid leaks are more likely to occur in cold temperatures as seals and other components compress. Have leaks repaired if you see fluid dripping on the ground. Vital fluids that are too low will cause system failures.
    • Tires Check tire pressure and tread depth. Cold weather deflates tires so check pressure monthly and refill as needed. Make sure spare tire is in good condition-tire failures are easy and common in winter. Proper tread and pressure ensures maximum dependability and grip on wet and uneven surfaces. Snow tires add extra grip on snowy and icy roads but can actually decrease traction on normal or wet roads so make sure to swap them out when the snow melts.
    • Brakes– The braking system one of the most important safety items and is key when driving on icy/snow covered roads
    • Heater and Defrost – Make sure heater and defrost are functioning optimally for both comfort and safety.
    • Keep Your Gas Tank Full nbsp;Doing so helps prevent moisture from forming in the gas tank. Water and gas do not mix well!
    • Wiper Blades and Washer Fluid Change wiper blades that streak, chatter, or are cracked. Cold weather can make them brittle and break. They are a very important safety item in winter as snow, dirt, and slush cover windshields while driving. Make sure you have full washer fluid, especially when driving for extended periods of time. No washer fluid can greatly reduce visibility!
    • Battery Batteries weaken and endure heavier loads in cold weather. A battery that is close to failing may result in your vehicle not starting in cold temperatures.
    • Exhaust System – Winter is an especially bad time for there to be leaks in the exhaust system or floor boards that could result in exhaust leaking into the cab of the vehicle. The exhaust system should be inspected for leaks prior to winter.
  • Let us take care of it! Our Winter Car Care Special is a worry-free way to keep you on the road longer:

    • Heater & Defroster Inspect heater and outlet performance, HVAC system and for cabin air replacement
    • Electrical System Test battery, alternator, starter and lighting safety inspection
    • Cooling System– Test coolant condition, freeze point and inspect for leaks
    • Fuel System– Inspect fuel lines for cracking, corrosion, deterioration and leaks
    • Exhaust SystemInspect condition of muffler, catalytic converter, exhaust pipes and leaks
    • Brake System Inspect brake lining condition, evaluate braking operation, inspect for leaks and test brake fluid condition
    • Steering System– Inspect for looseness, evaluate power steering system, inspect shocks and struts and full chassis lube
    • Tire Rotation and Alignment Check– Evaluation of alignment problems and refill tire pressure
    • Spare Tire Check and Refill
    • Comprehensive 50-point Inspection
    • Oil and Filter Change
    • All Fluids Refilled
    • Expert Recommendations–on services specific to the condition of your vehicle as well as manufacturer mileage interval recommendations.
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