The Best Car Maintenance Plan for Summer

What car maintenance is best during summer? Did you know your vehicle works harder during summer months? Yep, while you’re getting that much needed R&R, your car is doing just the opposite. So why not be nice and consider your … Continued

Why Buying a New Vehicle is a Waste of Money

Is buying a new car a waste of money? I get it–they’re pretty, and sparkly and new. They have all these features and leather seats that cool your back in the summer and an automated navigation system that talks to … Continued

Winter Driving Tips

I can’t imagine what it’s like to move to Colorado and experience driving in snow for the first time. It’s scary and is much different than driving in normal conditions. Driving on snow and ice is a skill. Use these … Continued

Bullet Proof Diesel 6.0L Ford Power Stroke

What IS a bullet proof diesel, anyway?….   If you’re one of the poor souls who have been cursed by the Ford 6.0L Power Stroke diesel, you know the unfortunate truth of their engines and common failures. These engines have … Continued

Belt Wear + Why Your Auto Mechanic Isn’t Crazy

Just because your serpentine belt doesn’t appear to be cracked, don’t think your auto mechanic is wrong when he says it needs to be replaced. Drive belt technology has improved in newer vehicles, meaning there is new criteria for determining … Continued

Product Review: BG Oil Additive

It’s fact: an oil additive is great for an engine. This review is of BG MOA, specifically, is because the product is… amazing! And is really not given enough credit. Considering the benefits to an engine and the cost of … Continued

Not all Brake Jobs are Created Equal

When it comes to brake repairs in Fort Collins, you have a lot of options. Brakes Plus Fort Collins, Just Brakes, Midas, the dealership, or your favorite independent repair shop are probably what you consider. You’re also wondering how long … Continued

Spring Car Care – Car Service in Fort Collins

                      In Colorado we experience true seasons, and so do our cars. Like buying a coat for winter, seasonal maintenance helps prepare your vehicle for the ever-changing elements, thereby extending … Continued