5 Reasons For Malfunctioning Power Windows

5 Reasons For Malfunctioning Power Windows | Community Auto

What's better than rolling down the windows during the summer and blasting some music? But there is one catch - power windows can fail. Just like any other part, they can experience malfunctions that are connected to another system they rely on. Here are a few examples:

   Electrical Malfunctions

One of the primary reasons for power window failure is electrical malfunctions. This can occur due to damaged wiring, faulty switches, blown fuses, or a malfunctioning control module. Electrical issues disrupt the flow of power and prevent the window motor from operating correctly. Conducting a thorough inspection of the electrical system and addressing any wiring or component defects can resolve these problems.

​   Window Regulator Failure

The window regulator is responsible for controlling the up-and-down movement of the window glass. Over time, the regulator mechanism may wear out or become damaged, resulting in power window failure. Signs of a failing window regulator include slow or erratic window movement, unusual noises, or complete immobility.

​   Motor Failure

The power window motor is responsible for generating the necessary force to move the window glass up and down. Continuous use and wear can lead to motor failure, resulting in non-responsive or stuck windows. Signs of a failing motor include sluggish window movement or no movement at all. 

Pro-tip: The motor can fail due to water damage while cleaning the car, so be careful not to aim the hose or power washer directly down the windows.

​   Window Track or Mechanism Issues

Power windows operate within a track or guide mechanism that ensures smooth and proper alignment of the window glass. If the window track becomes misaligned, obstructed, or damaged, it can restrict the window's movement or cause it to become stuck. Cleaning, lubricating, or repairing the track can help resolve these issues, restoring the smooth operation of the power window.

​   Physical Damage or Debris

External factors such as accidents, impacts, or the accumulation of debris can also contribute to power window failure. Damage to the window glass, such as cracks or chips, can hinder its movement. Additionally, debris or foreign objects lodged within the window track can obstruct proper operation. Addressing any physical damage or clearing debris from the window components can help rectify these issues.

Power window repairs are just a small portion of the procedures we provide here at CK Auto Exclusive. Check out our other services through the "Services" tab in the menu and the team will be happy to help!

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