Does Your Car Run Better After an Oil Change?

As a vehicle owner, you quickly become familiar with your vehicle's regular oil change. Oil changes are vital to the overall performance of your car and your engine's health. When you drive with old, dirty, or low engine oil, the parts of your engine are rubbing together causing friction.

This friction can cause metal components to wear down, become less effective, and overheat quickly. An overheating or damaged engine can be costly to repair, so doing what you can to prevent engine problems will save you time, money, and stress. 

Does your car run better after an oil change? While it may not be noticeable, the answer is yes! Fresh engine oil will allow the engine to run optimally and you'll protect the engine from dirt build-up and metal-to-metal damage. As oil is circulated throughout the engine, it picks up dirt and debris along the way.

It then goes through the oil filter, which also needs to be replaced during every oil change. A clogged filter can limit the amount of oil that is able to pass through and can cause the oil to remain dirty. After a few months or a few thousand miles, the engine oil will be dirty and have picked up moisture, causing it to be much less effective. 

Changing your oil on time has many benefits, including increasing overall performance, better fuel efficiency, and a longer vehicle lifespan. Luckily, oil changes are one of the least expensive vehicle maintenance items and are quick to do. If you're due for an oil change in Ft. Collins, CO, we invite you into the experts here at Community Auto. Let our expert mechanics take care of your vehicle and ensure that your oil change is taken care of on time and with the products available. Give us a call or stop by our shop today! 

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