Engine Repair: 6 Signs You Need It

Keep up on your vehicle maintenance and you’ll most likely avoid ever needing the help of an engine shop. But even proper diligence doesn't always stop a breakdown. Here are 6 signs that could indicate an engine needs repair.

signs you need engine repair

Check Engine Light

check engine light fort collins community auto

There are many dash warning lights that can pop up. But here, we’re specifically talking about the check engine (or service engine soon) light. The presence of the check engine light is especially concerning if it is flashing. This indicates you need to get your vehicle to a qualified mechanic as soon as possible. Consider parking your vehicle and having it towed to the shop, especially if there are other symptoms such as the engine stuttering. When the check engine light is flashing it means the engine is in need of repair, and that further driving could cause permanent and irreparable engine damage.

Smoke from Exhaust

Some smoke from the exhaust is normal, however excessive smoke could be a sign the engine needs repair. Pay attention to the color of the smoke: white smoke indicates there is a coolant leak, black smoke means the engine is burning too much gas, and smoke with a blue tint indicates an oil leak.

Engine Vibration

Low oil can cause engine vibration due to metal-to-metal contact. Other causes such as engine misfires and poor timing can also make an engine vibrate. If you notice this, check the oil and refill it if it's low. Then schedule an appointment to get your car in.

Knocking Noise

The most sure-tell sign of engine trouble is a knocking noise coming from under the hood. This means the engine is internally coming apart.

Power Loss

If you notice a loss of power (it seems like you to have to push harder on the gas pedal to accelerate from a stop or to get up a hill), it could be an indication an engine needs repair. Many things can cause power loss from a faulty spark plug to a fuel leak but it’s almost always a sign the engine isn’t running like it should.

Drop in Fuel Efficiency

A significant dip in fuel economy could be a sign there is a problem with the compression stroke of the engine. While other things--such as a bad catalytic converter--can also cause poor fuel economy, there’s no need to assume engine trouble unless some or all of these signs are occurring together.


If you notice these signs, make sure to take your vehicle to a reputable shop for engine diagnostics and repair. For auto repair in Fort Collins, the experts at Community Auto are who to contact. Call 970-484-7556 to schedule an appointment for all of your auto repair and maintenance needs!

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