Extended Warranty Repair Shop

Like any independent mechanic, we are an extended warranty repair shop. This means if you have purchased an extended warranty for your new or used car, we’ll honor it AND help you work through the fine print. If you’re faced with a break-down, leak, noise, smell, dash-light or any other issue you think may be covered under your extended warranty, here’s what you should do:

1. Read your warranty.

extended warranty 1

Vehicle warranties do come in all shapes and sizes; including the manufacturer’s warranty, dealership warranties, and extended warranties. Extended warranties are the the kind that are bought after or when you buy a new or used car and cover anything from bumper-to-bumper to specific components (like the powertrain or emissions systems). Some warranties also require you keep up on scheduled maintenance. Warranties also vary in where the vehicle can be repaired and the duration of coverage. Oftentimes, warranties allow you to get your car repaired at a shop of your choosing. The only way to know these details is to read your warranty. Sounds simple, but it’s amazing how often it’s missed.

2. Bring all associated paperwork with you when you drop off your vehicle.

extended warranty 2

We’ll need any and all documents related to your warranty so we are able to contact your warranty company and get your extended warranty repair covered.

3. Realize not everything may be covered.

Some warranties only cover specific repairs while others cover everything involved in the overall issue or breakdown of your car. We’ll work with your warranty company to determine what’s covered and what’s not (we can handle this part so you don’t have to!). But if you’re curious and/or want to know for sure, read your warranty and vuala.

Happy warranty repairing. 😊

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