How Can I Prepare My Vehicle for the Rain?

The fall season is finally here, and with the changing season comes the changing weather. While it is still sunny here in Ft. Collins, we can expect the rainfall to begin in the next month. Is your vehicle ready for the rain? After the warm (and strange weather) summer, your vehicle may not yet be prepared to keep you safe in wet conditions. So, how can you prepare your vehicle for the rain? 

There are certain areas of your vehicle that need to be inspected and possibly serviced that will help ensure that you are safer on the road when it is wet outside. Here are some of our top recommendations for how you can help prepare your vehicle for the rain this fall: 

Change your windshield wipers

When you think of rain, you think of your vehicle's windshield wipers, of course. Wipers can dry out quickly, especially after a warm summer. If they look dry, cracked, or aren't performing smoothly, it's time to have them replaced. 

Check your battery

The summer heat tends to do some damage to our car's batteries, so it's important to have it checked out and tested for proper charge before the fall. You don't want to get stuck in the rain without a working vehicle, and a dead battery is a common cause of breakdowns during the fall season. 

Inspect your brake system

You'll need excellent brakes to keep you safe during the wet weather when on the road, so have your brakes inspected and replace any parts that are worn down. 

Check all fluids

Fluids can break down over the summer, so make sure that all fluids are topped off and clean. If any look dirty, they may need to be flushed out and replaced. If any fluids are low, you may have to check for leaks to see why that fluid is low in the first place. 

Test your lights

Your vehicle's lights tell others that you are on the road and whether or not you are turning or braking, so test all of these lights to make sure they are working properly. Shorter days means you'll be driving in the dark more, so this is critical for fall. 

Look at your tires

Last but certainly not least, check your tires! This is one of the most important service items when it comes to getting your car ready for the rain. Nobody wants to hydroplane on the road, and bald tires will certainly put you in that situation. Make sure that your tires have really good tread and aren't worn down unevenly. Also, make sure they are filled to the proper air pressure to avoid any type of tire blowout situation. 

We hope that these maintenance reminders will help you better prepare your vehicle for the rain to come. If your car is due for any of these services or inspections, get your vehicle into the professionals here at Community Auto for friendly service. We will help make sure that your vehicle stays reliable throughout the next couple of months! 

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