How to Find Good Auto Mechanics in Fort Collins

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“They’re greasy…and scary–they are speaking a language I don’t understand and I don’t trust them.” Can you relate to similar thinking? When searching for good auto mechanics in Fort Collins, you may find yourself overwhelmed. With so many options, the price of auto repair, and possible horror stories you’ve heard, maybe you don’t know where to start. It’s worth noting that as with most things, it’s true that you often get what you pay for. Cheap repairs are generally…well…cheap. Many factors play into this but since I’m sure you’re seeking service that’s a great value (quality work at a good price), I’ll keep it simple. When shopping for a mechanic, pay attention to the following things and know you’re in good shape.

1. Certifications
Mechanics who invest in themselves and their profession will undoubtably turn out higher quality work than those who don’t. Look for certifications, seals of excellence, and symbols such as these and you’ll know you’re at a good shop. All of these are indicative that the shop or mechanic adheres to the highest automotive industry standards.

AAA LogoASE LogoNapa LogoASA Logo

2. Facility
Is the shop clean and welcoming? How they treat their shop is an indicator of how they’ll treat your car.

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3. Staff
Are they friendly and professional? How do they treat their customers? If all checks out well here, you know they take pride in their work. And this is ultimately the best quality in a good auto mechanic.

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4. Continuing Education
Good shops will encourage continuing education for their staff. If you see diplomas, certificates, or find out they attend different educational events throughout the year, you know you’re getting more for your money at an auto repair shop that’s up-to-date and educated.

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5. Warranties
Only go to an auto mechanic that honors their work. Shops offer different warranties or none at all. Warranties come in all shapes and sizes, some better than others, so be sure to get the details when you’re shopping around. A good warranty is work that is honored for at least 2 years or 24,000 miles. Here’s ours; the best you’ll find in Fort Collins:

Guaranteed Repairs For Your Peace Of Mind

All new, original equipment parts and labor operations have a warranty at our shop for 4 years or 40 thousand miles, whichever occurs first.

Traveling out of town? Our Peace of Mind Nationwide Warranty will cover parts, labor, and towing to a shop close to you.

6. Equipment
Does the auto mechanic or shop have up-to-date, high-tech equipment? High quality equipment goes a long way. Shops that invest in updated equipment save you money by ensuring your car is repaired more quickly and accurately.

7. Mission Statements and Code of Ethics
If you see any sort of mission statement or ethical code posted in the office, you know you’re at a reputable shop. Auto mechanics that take the time to develop and uphold standards within the company create a high quality shop. Community Auto’s mission is: To enrich the lives of each person we encounter, provide a service that never puts money ahead of people, and consistently autograph our work with excellence.

8. Customer Appreciation
Without people bringing their cars in, a mechanic is out of business. Auto repair shops that show appreciation for their customers understand this and inherently look out for their customer’s best interests. Loyalty programs, roadside assistance, and follow-up calls are examples of great customer appreciation.

9. Investment in Business
A shop that directs resources towards their community, their business, and the automotive profession shows they care about what they do. If you see them investing in industry events, employee development, and community involvement, you know you’re at a great place.

investmentinvestment 2investment 3

10. Feels Good; You Like Them!
Ultimately, trust your gut. If you find that all of the above are in order and you feel good about taking your car to them, then do it!

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Which would you rather?

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