How to Safely Road Trip With Your Pet

Are you planning on bringing your cat or dog home for Thanksgiving dinner? If you plan on taking your furry companion with you, please make sure you plan ahead to ensure your pet's safety. Most of us will be stressed enough trying to tackle the holiday traffic, so we want to do as much preparation beforehand as possible. You're going to need to do some additional planning and packing:

  • Fasten your pet properly for the journey ahead - Your furry friend's safety should be a top priority. Your pet should be in a secured and comfortable area of your vehicle. Many owners will leave their pets unrestrained in the car, but that is an awful idea. In situations where you might leave a window open, your cat or dog could accidentally slip out. Or you might have to brake last minute and send your friend flying from one end of the car to the other. Bringing a kennel or some sort of gear to keep your furry friend secure in one place is the move. 
  • Don't forget the pet essentials -Food and water duh! Most people make a checklist for things to pack for themselves before a trip, so make one for your pet too. 
  • Make pit stops - Like humans, your adorable companion is going to need a break for stretching and going to the bathroom too. If your trip home is more than several hours, it would be wise to plan those rest stops ahead of time. Some GPS apps allow you to input them along the route too!
  • Keep your pet entertained - To make sure your cat or dog is compliant the whole time, it will need some form of entertainment. Bring along some toys to preoccupy your pet.

Taking your cat or dog with you isn't as tough as it sounds as long as you plan ahead! Before you embark on your Thanksgiving plans, please make sure your car is safe enough to drive miles and miles to see family. Our team at Community Auto wants you to make it to your destination safely. If you need an inspection before then, please give us a call or visit soon!

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