I Smell Something Strange While Driving...What Could It Be?

Often, strange smells in our cars emanate from our children's hockey equipment. But sometimes, they are an indication of mechanical issues and potential trouble worth checking out with a professional. Below are 4 of the most common car odors you wouldn't want to ignore.

Rotten Eggs

A sulfur smell in your car mostly results from your catalytic converter's inability to convert toxic gasses in the exhaust system to less harmful compounds. If disregarded, it can damage your catalytic converter leading to expensive repairs or replacements. Driving your car with a damaged catalytic converter is dangerous and illegal, especially if your vehicle fails emission testing—Check-in with your mechanic for an early diagnosis and a chance to save your catalytic converter.

Molds or Mildew

If it feels damp, wet, or musty in your car, the main culprit is the air conditioning system. Mold or mildew could be growing in your ac evaporator due to condensing moisture. The solution to this is to have your mechanic inspect and clean up the ac system thoroughly.

Burning Rubber

A burning smell might result from slipping drive belts or a loose hose grinding against a rotating belt. Wait until your car engine cools off, then open the hood and check your hoses and belts. You can also visit your mechanic, especially if the odor persists.

Burning Carpet

When your car smells like a burning carpet, it might be pointing to extensive use and overheating of the brake pads. It could also indicate that your car brake pads and rotors are worn out or misaligned. It could be best if you checked in with your mechanic immediately, especially if you have not been driving on long downgrades.

Whether it's an annoying, strange odor or a sickly sugary smell, you should never ignore it. Instead, trust the experts to inspect and give you an informed judgment on the nature of the smell. Assuming the smell will disappear on its own is only postponing trouble.

If you need a vehicle inspection performed to check out a strange smell, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today.

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