Product Review: BG Oil Additive

It’s fact: an oil additive is great for an engine. This review is of BG MOA, specifically, is because the product is… amazing! And is really not given enough credit. Considering the benefits to an engine and the cost of a can, the worth of this product is phenomenal. This seemingly simple yet incredible product truly does help extend engine life ten-fold. So much so that we, as a shop, swear by it and use it religiously. I personally add it to my oil every oil change. Eric (Owner of Community Auto) even uses it in his lawn mowers! I hope to shine some light on this little gem as it seems many customers aren’t aware of its greatness and may be missing out on a simple way to make their vehicles last longer.

moa bg

BG MOA (Motor Oil Additive) is, as the name suggests, added to oil and makes the oil more effective. Oil is the blood of an engine, and its condition and contents are extremely important for engine function and performance; just as the shape and functioning of red blood cells is incredibly important for transporting oxygen and thus the performance of your body. This additive, which is added to clean oil after an oil change, ensures reliability of critical engine components, prevents excessive oil consumption, and ultimately extends engine life. Adding it to your oil can be a substitute for using synthetic oil, essentially making conventional oil more effective and longer lasting—it’s that amazing! BG MOA is great to add to oil in any engine, however we especially recommend using it on older or high mileage vehicles, every oil change.

After a combined history of more than 100 years in the automotive repair industry, the Community Auto team know the best products out there and consider ourselves responsible for extending our expertise to our customers. Unlike many quick-lube stations, we have many BG products in stock, including MOA, that we’ll install in your vehicle at the time of your service, saving you a trip to the parts store and the hassle of popping your hood. We’re sure to keep up-to-date on the best products, so you don’t have to dedicate thought to it.

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