Should I Bother With Car Filters?

Most cars on the road nowadays have various filters on board to keep everything running through the car clean. When our vehicles don’t run well, car filters don’t usually come to mind. However, clean filters play a significant role in keeping your car in tip-top shape. Read on to learn about the three important filters in the modern vehicle.

Cabin Air Filter

Cabin air filters can be made out of  paper, foam, and cotton. They are responsible for catching debris and contaminants so that you can breathe clean, harmless air in the cabin. They can even help in absorbing unnatural odors to make your car smell better. As your filter collects all the dust and pollutants over time, the filter will eventually get clogged. As a result, you may find an off-smell in your car, less air going through your vents, or even a noisier fan. Fortunately, these filters are affordable and worthwhile to replace. 

Engine Air Filter

Speaking of engines, the motor has its own air filter under the hood too. Your engine needs a supply of clean air to function optimally. This filter blocks out debris from getting inside your engine and harming its components. As a result, it can extend the life of your engine and help it run smoother. If you notice that your fuel economy is dropping, or your engine is running differently, the engine air filter should be one of the things you check first.

Oil Filter 

When engine oil runs through your vehicle, it can pick up a lot of debris, fragments, and other gunky substances over time. Therefore, it is very important for you to replace your oil filter every time your vehicle is due for service. Otherwise, you may have gritty oil a lot sooner than you think.

Fuel Filter

Last but not least, the fuel filter blocks out the dirt and debris from contaminating your fuel. This component is so vital that some vehicles can have more than one fuel filter. The fuel filter makes sure your engine runs on clean fuel, making it essential for the overall performance of your car. When you bring your vehicle in for a tune-up or fuel cleaning service, your tech will recommend a fuel filter replacement if necessary.


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