The New Digital Automotive Inspection

While not quite there, our shop is well on the way towards being…paperless! Community Auto is always super excited to rock new technologies so I thought I’d share with you our exciting avant-garde, the Digital Automotive Inspection!

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Just like a physical exam from your doctor, technicians are trained to inspect a vehicle’s health in a bumper-to-bumper fashion, assessing the the health and safety of various parts and components and recording their findings in a way you’ll understand. They procedurally go over the vehicle, checking belts, hoses, fluids, tires, suspension, etc. and inspect for any issues or soon-to-be issues. In the past, technicians used paper forms to record their findings, leaving greasy fingerprints on the forms and hard-to-read sloppy handwriting (to the defense of mechanics everywhere, going directly from turning a wrench to writing with a little pen is dexterous!). But luckily for us and you, our techs are now on their tablets, recording your vehicle’s health digitally for you to see anytime, anywhere.

We’ll take pictures or videos of problem areas so you can see first-hand what we’re saying needs to be fixed, without having to come into the shop. We’ll text or email you the results, real-time, while your vehicle is in the shop and you’ll have the same information from the technician that we have, so we can go over it together, over-the-phone, from the convenience of wherever you’re at.

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Access to your automotive inspection form is available for you to refer to at a future date, or you can print it off for your vehicle repair records. (Pro tip: these records are great to give a buyer when you sell your car.)

This convenient way of documenting the health of your vehicle equips you with a clear under-the-hood picture at your fingertips and without having to release the hood latch. A digital, paperless world is a less wasteful, more efficient, and more convenient world and one we’re happy to be a part!

If you’re curious and want to see what your car’s problems look like, feel free to ask your Service Advisor for a picture or video! And be sure to let us know how you’re liking the new inspections!


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