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Are you considering driving for Uber? One of the requirements to drive for Uber (or Lyft) is to have an Uber Inspection once per year. Guess what? We can help! The inspection doesn't take very long and is very affordable. Just give us a call and schedule a time to either wait or drop off your vehicle. You’ll leave with everything you need to present to Uber and show your car is ready to drive. Once we complete your inspection, you’ll just need to scan or take a photo of it and submit the electronic version to your driver dashboard on Uber’s website.

The number one tip to ensure your vehicle is Uber-ready?

1. Keep up on scheduled maintenance

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When your vehicle is in full-use, it is especially important to keep up with scheduled maintenance including oil changes and fluid flushes. Consider oil changes as a doctor’s physical on your car. A highly trained mechanic will be able to catch any issues that could lead to breakdowns and takes the job seriously. Quick-lube stations, although convenient, do not always provide the level of care and expertise needed to ensure your vehicle is healthy and safe. Keeping up with maintenance and catching issues before they arise will prevent costly breakdowns as well as increase the likelihood of your vehicle passing its Uber inspection. Also be prepared to put more money into maintaining your vehicle. Your vehicle will require new brakes and tires more frequently.



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