How & Why You Should Recycle Used Car Parts & Old Car Batteries

Consider this: automotive repair is inherently a sustainable business. 

Why is that?

Because keeping vehicles on the road by repairing them is more environmentally-friendly than producing new vehicles. Truth is, automotive is the top recycling industry in the world. And believe it or not, about 86% of a car is recyclable. New cars are made from about 25% recycled materials. 


A major part of day-to-day operations in an auto repair shop includes a lot of recycling. Everything from scrap metal, dirty fluids, old car batteries, used car parts, paper and corrugated cardboard are recycled daily. cardboard recycling in fort collins, colorado


If you’ve ever completed a car repair on your own, you know what we mean. At the end of an oil change, for example, you are left with a load of dirty motor oil plus a used oil filter. If you’ve completed a brake repair on your own, you have used brake pads, rotors, brake fluid and other scrap metal left over.


And what are you supposed to do with your used car battery? 


Hopefully you’re not tossing these items into the trash.


So what should you do instead? Recycle, of course. 


First, sort and pile your auto repair waste. Separate motor oil from other fluids and store it in a plastic container. 

  • Flatten any corrugated cardboard
  • Separate and pile scrap metal and rubber parts
  • Collect dirty antifreeze and other fluids
  • Don’t throw away your old car battery!
  • Glass (like from a broken window) should also be recycled

Why you should recycle car parts

Batteries are full of toxic acid and are also mostly recyclable--meaning they are a big NO NO for landfills and are especially wasteful. 


Oil is one of the most harmful contaminants for the environment since it spreads and sticks (to including wildlife) like crazy. Oil can be refined and reused and is thus SO important to recycle! 


Metals such as steel, iron, copper and aluminum are prolific in cars and are even valuable (meaning, you might even be able to make some extra cash by selling it)! 


Recycling center in Fort Collins

Luckily, in Fort Collins, our city is on the frontier when it comes to recycling. The new, Timberline recycling center can handle your recycling needs. 


Or, let us help!


used oil filter recycling in fort collins, colorado where to recycle old car parts in fort collins

Bring it to us! Community Auto is equipped to handle all auto repair recycling. We got it figured out when you get your car repaired with us. But, we also support the DIYers! Feel free to come into the shop with your used oil filters, motor oil, car batteries, brakes and other used car parts. We’re here to help FoCo stay clean! Get Directions to Community Auto in Fort Collins.

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