What Are Most Dangerous Distractions While Driving?

Distracted driving is the most common cause of horrific and deadly car collisions. From digging for something you dropped to sipping on coffee to checking your phone, they're all considered hazardous activities while driving. As a conscientious driver, you should refresh your understanding of distracted driving and take these tips to improve your driving habits and focus on the road!


Cell Phone

As you can probably guess, your phone is the biggest distraction out there. Because phones are a leading cause of vehicle accidents and fatalities, most states have enforced laws to restrict texting and phone calling while driving. We recommend enabling "Do Not Disturb" mode and leaving your phone out of your sight whenever you get behind the wheel to go. 


Control Systems

Finding your favorite song is a difficult job when running a vehicle. It may seem natural for you, but research suggests that it's a common cause of traffic accidents. It would be best to adjust your control systems such as your volume, AC, and other settings before moving your car. 


Eating and Drinking

Eating and drinking account for nearly 2% of all distracted vehicle accidents. That's a lot of disasters when you reflect that the number of vehicle accidents is in the millions each year. If you think about it, most individuals struggle to eat without looking or holding their food. With at least one hand off the wheel, you are at risk of losing control of your car.


Searching for Things

We've all had to reach for items in our seat gaps or extend an arm in the backseat to get something at one point or another. These types of activities are all distractions that may put you in a hazardous situation. Do not engage in a search for something until your vehicle is at a complete stop.


Car Issues

If your automobile suddenly drives ruggedly or makes a disturbing noise, then it can be a huge distraction. You are bound to grow worried about these circumstances. To be sure, you should pull over in a safe spot to examine your car or even call roadside assistance. Feel free to give us a call or visit Community Auto today if you need auto repairs.

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