What Causes a Car To Overheat?

No one would be happy to see their car temperature gauge hitting the BIG RED "H" or smoke emanating from the hood. When any of this happens, it remains common knowledge that the cooling system has malfunctioned. It would be best to take precautions because overheating engines can cause further damage to your car. The engine that heats too much can ruin your journey. That said, you must understand why the engine overheats to take precautions if this happens while you are driving.

If the engine begins to overheat:

  • Turn of the AC to prevent further damage
  • Ensure that your defroster is on, the fan high, and the heat at hot
  • If you are in traffic, raise your engine speed with your car in parking or neutral gear
  • Check coolant level and add the reservoir
  • Open your car windows
  • Find a safe zone and pullover to avoid further damage to your engine

Common Causes of Overheating You Should Know

When a car is overheating is evident that the cooling system is not functioning effectively. Here some common reasons why your car's cooling system is failing.

Leaks in the Cooling System

Leaks constitute the main reason for most vehicles. The leaks may be in either the thermostat housing, the radiator, or the horses. Leaks can also emanate from areas such as head gaskets and freeze plugs. The best way to determine a leak is by monitoring the coolant levels.

Wrong Coolant Concentration

Your engine may overheat if you use the wrong coolant in your car. An incorrect coolant/ water ration mixture can corrode that cooling system besides accelerating overheating.

Thermostat Failure

The thermostat's primary function is to regulate engine temperature. However, when it is faulty, it may cause harm to your engine. It can hinder adequate coolant flow to optimum levels.

Heater Core is Plugged Up

If the engine's heat exchange is clogged, it may compromise coolant flow, causing it to overheat.

Issues with the belts and hoses

Loose or broken belts may hinder efficient coolant flow

Bad Radiator Fan

The radiator fan mainly helps to cool the coolant's temperature. However, a bad radiator fan cannot perform its intended purpose.

Prevent an Overheated Car Engine

Take care of your car by scheduling regular coolant flushes. Perform routine inspection on the coolant system. If you need professional engine repair from a reputable shop, bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today to prevent engine heating!

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