What Causes Cars to Breakdown in the Summer?

Summer is supposed to be a time where you are free to take a road trip or drive to your favorite place to spend time with friends or family, or hey, yourself (we don't judge)! However, summer plans can quickly be thwarted when you find yourself dealing with a car breakdown. Not only are they stressful, but they can put your safety at risk on the road. It can also be costly having to deal with towing and repairing your vehicle. So, let's take a look at some of the causes of car breakdowns and what you can do to try to prevent them from happening this summer. 

The summer heat can actually take a toll on our vehicles, especially when your vehicle is constantly parked in direct sunlight. It also just so happens that during the summer months, many drivers are using their vehicles much more often, which can also contribute to excessive wear and tear. Here are some of the main causes of why vehicles tend to breakdown during the summer months: 


Batteries can be put under more straing when driving long distances, especially in stop and go traffic. Also, the extreme heat can cause battery fluids to break down faster, putting your battery at more risk for running out of juice and dying on you while on the road. Have your battery tested before any road trip to ensure that it will last you throughout the long drive. 


Long distance driving means more work for your vehicle's tires, and if they already have excessive wear, you might find yourself in a tire blowout situation. This also tends to occur due to driving with low tire pressure, so be sure to check both the condition and pressure of the tires before embarking on any road trips. 


While our vehicle's do have cooling systems to keep the engine cool while driving, high temperatures can make a small engine problem worse and leave you with an overheating engine. This can typically be caused by low coolant, a leak, or a cooling system issue. Having your vehicle's cooling system inspected regularly can help you avoid this. 

Oil Pressure

Low oil pressure is another thing to look out for during the summer months. Warm temperatures means oil loses a bit of its viscosity, which can affect the way that it lubricates components. If you do see this low oil pressure warning light turn on, it's important to get your vehicle inspected at our shop as soon as possible. 

The best thing you can do to avoid a car breakdown in the summer is to stay on top of your vehicle's regular maintenance and have your vehicle inspected right here at Community Auto before an long trips to ensure that your vehicle will stay reliable along the way. For vehicle inspections in Ft. Collins CO and much more, give us a call here at Community Auto today! 

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