What Maintenance Items Does My Car Need?

To optimize your car's performance and increase its lifespan, you need to do more than just changing the oil. Vehicle maintenance requires a lot, and it would help if you planned for regular checkups. This is something that requires you to put in more effort, but it pays in the long run.

Here are some things you need to check.


Air Filter

The air filter of your car's engine regulates airflow in the engine. The air is necessary for combustion and also helps in cooling the engine. The air filter also keeps unwanted particles and debris from entering your engine. If your air filter malfunctions, your car's engine will become a mess. Your emission level will increase, and the fuel efficiency will be affected.


Tread Depth And Tire Pressure

To be safe on the road, your car tires must have adequate tread depth and the right pressure. This will not only guarantee your safety but will also increase the fuel efficiency of your car. Don't forget to carry spare tires when driving.


Turn Signals, Headlights, Parking Lights, And Brake

All your car's lights need to be functioning properly all the time. This is because each light has its unique function. The turn signals indicate when you are turning; the headlights illuminate the road, while parking lights are for parking. Besides the lights, your braking system should also be functional.


Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid helps in lubricating the engine. It keeps all the moving parts of the transmission system working properly. The transmission fluid needs to be checked regularly and changed as soon as it is necessary. Otherwise, your transmission system can get damaged.


Spark Plugs

Your car's spark plugs are a very important component of the engine. It is the spark plugs that ignite the air-gas mixture, thereby powering your car. What this means is that, if your spark plugs are faulty, your car won't move. Have them checked by a professional and replace them when necessary.


Other things that require your attention include the coolant fluid, serpentine belt rear and/or front differential, windshield and windshield wipers, the battery, among others.


If you need vehicle maintenance, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Community Auto today!

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