How to Winterize Your Vehicle

Getting your vehicle prepared for the winter months is necessary when it comes to keeping it reliable in the cold weather. From icy roads to falling snow, making sure that certain safety features are in top working condition will help keep you safe on the road. Getting stuck in the snow is never a fun time, and driving in certain weather conditions with a poorly maintained vehicle can put you at risk for an accident. 

There are several steps that you can follow that will help keep you prepared for the winter months ahead. Let’s look at some of our top recommendations to follow starting this month before the Holidays: 

One thing to check is your car’s battery. A battery that hasn’t been replaced in a few years can be at risk of losing enough power in low temperatures to cause your vehicle not to start. A test at our shop can tell you if your car battery can still hold its charge and if not, it’s time to replace it before the temperatures drop even further. 

Your tires are another crucial component when it comes to driving in icy weather. Bald or worn down tires can easily lose traction with the road, causing you to skid and lose control. Be sure that your tires have proper tread and look to be in good condition. Also, check that they are filled up to the proper PSI. 

A complete visual inspection of your vehicle’s lights is important during this time as well. The days are shorter, and therefore you will find yourself turning on your vehicle’s lights much more often. Your car’s lights help you see the road and help others see you, so be sure that they are all working properly. 

Check out your vehicle’s windshield wipers as well, which will be important when the snow starts to fall. If the wipers appear to be cracked, frayed, or dry in any way, we recommend replacing them. Any skipping or smearing on your windshield is a sign of needing to replace them. Check that your wiper fluid is filled, too!

These are just some of the most important ways that you can “winterize” your vehicle, or in other words, get it ready for the freezing cold to come. If you need any of the above performed, don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle into Community Auto today!

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