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3 Unconventional Ways to Keep Your Car Cool this Summer

3 Unconventional Ways to Keep Your Car Cool this Summer

Staying cool is one of the most important things these days. OK, there are more important things, but it would be pressing to find someone who won't agree that getting into a hot car is highly inconvenient. Even dangerous [painful]. Including vehicle maintenance for summer, how to keep your car cool is a popular question during these hot Colorado summer months. Completely avoiding a vehicle from getting hot may be close-to-impossible but a few thoughtful actions could really make the difference between roasting alive and actually beating the heat.   1. Cover your hot bits   The initial shock (or injury) of getting into a hot car is oftentimes caused by infamous areas that end up burning hot--the door handles, leather seats, steering wheel, seat belt buckles and gearshift. To avoid getting burned, all you need is to do is simply ... read more


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